What can you do here?

The Brooke County Health Department offers this Web site as a tool for Food Handlers in our community to acquire their food handling license when the time is convenient for them.

To receive your Food Handlers’ card from this site:

  1. Enter information about yourself.
  2. Choose to pay online or at the Health Department.
  3. Read through the provided Web pages.
  4. Take the quiz that follows each section.
  5. Pay online and click the link you receive by email to redeem your card, or print your confirmation page and bring it to the Health Department.

Food Handlers’ License Fee

  • 1 Year- $10
  • 2 Year- $20
  • 3 Year- $30

Before You Begin

The class must be completed in one session, so make sure you have some time to spare.

If you choose to pay Online, you will receive the link to your Food Handlers Card by email. Simply click this link to redeem and print your card.

If you choose to pay at the Health Department, upon completing the test, you will arrive at a confirmation page. Print this confirmation page and bring it to the Health Department to receive your card.

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